Craftmanship and Sustainability

Each unique Eleven Everything piece is hand framed in our Sussex knit studio by a small team of skilled knitters. 'Hand framed' is a term used to describe the manual operation of traditional knitting machines. 
Each step of the make process is executed by skilled craftspeople with the upmost care and attention to detail. We use only the finest natural yarns direct from our trusted spinners in Scotland & Italy.
The pure natural yarns that we favour have been produced ethically from raw fibre to finished spool, and special care is taken to ensure the materials originate from farms that subscribe to organic farming practices, and adhere to extremely high animal welfare standards.
Once knitted our pieces are washed and hand finished.
The quality of the vintage machines and the skill involved in handling them and creating the fabrics ensures that the knitting has a unique beauty and feel.
The resulting product is an elegant, truly sustainable keepsake that will last and last.

Our Yarns

Baby Kid Mohair & Merino wool blend

This yarn comes direct from our Italian yarn mill with whom we have be working with for a number of years. The mohair raw fibres come from certified South African farms, and the Merino wool in the blend from non museling high welfare farms. The company uses biodegradable nylon to bind the delicate mohair fibres, and regenerative processes throughout the production line when creating the yarns.

'Reverso' Recycled cashmere

This beautiful cashmere yarn developed by our Italian mills encompasses an integrated, fully transparent and traceable supply chain. Re.VerSo™ gathers, selects and processes exclusive pre-consumer cashmere off cuts and trimming recovered from previously dyed premium cashmere materials and re- engineers the fibres back into the highest quality yarn ready to knit - creating a circular & truly sustainable product