Marnie small Tie Scarf | Lemon Zest

Marnie small Tie Scarf | Lemon Zest



11 Everything Cashmere Cotton Mini Scarf In Bright Yellow

Knitted with a superfine Pima Cotton Cashmere blend yarn the mini scarf feels silky smooth to the touch. Knitted in a simple plain rib stitch with a thicker section of knit at the base of the scarf to ensure the pieces hangs beautifully

With a hint of cashmere the scarf can be warming on those chillier summer evenings, and the blend of cotton ensures a beautifully breathable lightweight piece that can be worn simply to add a pop of colour to an outfit. Easy to stash in any size of handbag when you're out and about

11 Everything knitwear is handmade exclusively in our Sussex design studio using traditional techniques and vintage knitting machines operated by our very own small team of skilled artisans.  Each individual piece is designed with purpose and  is crafted with skill & attention to detail.  We make to order so there is zero waste within our production line. 

The Cashmere Cotton Blend yarn that we have used here comes direct from our Italian  spinners, expert craftsmen who have been producing premium quality yarns for centuries  with animal welfare and sustainability a top priority.  

85% Pure Pima Cotton, 15% Pure Cashmere Blend






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